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Kenya’s diverse landscapes

Perhaps less synonymous with Kenya’s typical image is its diversity of stunning rural landscapes. Leaving behind the melange of Nairobi’s concrete jungle, you’ll find breathtaking views of the Great Rift Valley which gives way to some of the country’s finest mountains, lakes and open plains.


From the snow-capped peak and leafy green slopes of Mount Kenya to the glistening waters of Lake Victoria, the variety of panoramic pictures you can snap in Kenya might surprise you!

On top of this, Kenya’s coastline is a haven of tropical, white sandy beaches. I’d recommend heading to Lamu Island for a blissful, rustic, car-free retreat. Expect to be welcomed like an old friend by the locals with “Karibu Lamu!” and offered hot chai and chapatti in one of the thatched-roof cafes.

Lamu boasts charming Swahili architecture, winding streets and rounded houses. With a vista defined by cobalt blue sea and palm trees all over, you’d be forgiven for forgetting you were in Kenya at all.

Whatever your reason for visiting – whether it be to meet a Maasai warrior or spot a mighty African elephant – to experience the best of Kenya I advise you dodge the jam-packed cities and embrace the delights of the rural regions.


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